Our Team of Equines

We have a range of horses and ponies available for trekking in the Forest of Dean.

Several years ago we rehomed two cobs from a field adjoining the M5 in Somerset. They became part of our herd and with training became excellent riding ponies. They came to us via the  RSPCA and World of Horse. We were, and still are, well known as an animal rescue centre and have rescued many animals over the years. We now have 5 additional rescued ponies, all are doing very well. 

After ten years of fighting the planning authorities in the Forest of Dean we were granted permission to operate our pony trekking from our farm but not before a public hearing reversed the planners’ objections. A full report of our battle appears elsewhere.

Moira Fraser is in charge with her husband Alastair doing the donkey work and Ollie Trigg is our stable manager.

Moira Fraser started show jumping when she was 7 years old and has been running Severnwye Llama Trekking and animal collection for 15 years. This includes horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, llamas, wild boar, goats, giant rabbits, chinchillas, hedgehogs, etc. etc. All this on our 17 acre farm. Alastair’s speciality is carriage driving and Sara Patrick Has been responsible for breaking and schooling our ponies and horses.

The Horses

Gus and Alfie came to us from Society for Welfare of Horses and Ponies at Monmouth having been abandoned on the Celtic Manor Golf Course just before the Ryder Cup. They were only 6 months old, the Society looked after them for 5 years and we acquired them at 6 years of age. Gus is a dark bay, and Alfie a grey. They came to us in fabulous condition. Both have been backed and trained by Sara and are excellent riding ponies with no vices. Gus is 13.2 and Alfie 14 hands, both very powerful but attractive looking ponies.

Alexander came from the same Society as Gus and Alfie and shared the same paddock. He is a section A welsh pony and is very outgoing. At 6 years of age and 12.2 hands he is smaller than the others but can look after himself. We have very high hopes of him and he will suit smaller riders. 

Sweetpea and Blossom are both piebalds who were rescued from the hard shoulder of the M4 motorway near Cardiff by Trading Standards and sent to Bransby Horses in Leominster. They came to us once they had been brought back to health, having arrived at Bransby rather the worse for wear. They did a fabulous job getting them back to fitness and it was 2 very nice mares that Sara soon backed and commenced training. We were all amazed at how quickly they learned the finer points and now they are outstanding riding ponies. Both are 6 years old and 14 hands. They adore human company and love going out hacking. They are now extremely popular with both novice and experienced riders.

Marlene came to us via the RSPCA having been abandoned in a farmer’s field at the side of the M5 near Bridgewater. She is 14.2 hands and is a superb ride. We do not know her true age but an educated guess would estimate about 12 to 15 years. She is dark bay.

Bill is Alastair’s carriage horse but is also trained to ride. He is an Irish Draught and very versatile. At 16 years of age he has seen it all before and loves coming out with either his carriage or rider. He is 15.3 hands and dark bay.

Topaz is Moira’s riding horse and is a magnificent 19 years old dark bay 16.2 hands shire cross thoroughbred. Ridden either by Sara or Moira she leads the treks.

Rita is a fabulous pony who came to us via Blue Cross. Now fully backed and trained she is a fabulous pony for the more advanced child riders. Very unusual but attractive markings make her stand out from the crowd.

Trigger is a piebald pony with fabulous temperament who adores being ridden and thrives on human contact.

Wizard is quite simply good at everything he puts his mind to. He is a piebald and knows that he is very handsome.

Duke is a small dark bay pony who is the perfect child’s  pony. No vices and very safe.

Honour is a 15.3 hands Sports horse whose breeding is that of a Dressage Horse. We are still breaking him and he is progressing very well.

Rita, Trigger, Wizard, Duke and Honour all came from the Blue Cross Rehoming Centre at Burford. All were in superb condition but had not been backed. Without exception they are all superb. 

Merlin is a lovely Welsh pony with superb temperament who had sadly outgrown his previous owner. He is equally at home in the school,  out hacking, or being the life and soul of a children’s party.

Cherub at 11 hands is our smallest, and is an ex riding school pony who goes out of her way to be with children. The noisier the kids the more she likes it and she is at home with Merlin at children’s parties.

Alice and Liam are the two large donkeys both of whom drive and ride. Children love them and they often accompany the horses and ponies. As carriage driving donkeys they can cope easily with adults as well as children. Both are black and 12.2 hands.

Tango our gorgeous rising 3 years old mule is estimated to make at least 15 hands. At time of writing she is still growing but will be ready by next year. We used to have the largest mule in UK measuring 16.2 hands. Sadly no longer with us as old age eventually caught up with her. Mules are highly intelligent and Tango will be trained to both ride and drive. They are of course sterile. Latest on Tango she is now being prepared for backing and is loving the fuss we all make over her. She will be ridden with a Western saddle.

We now have 18 fully trained equines and are always looking out for more horses especially ones we can rescue.

  • Topaz 
  • Honour
  • Bill
  • Marlene
  • Tango
  • Sweet pea
  • Blossom
  • Alfie
  • Gus
  • Wizard
  • Trigger
  • Rita 
  • Duke
  • Alex
  • Merlin
  • Cherub
  • Liam
  • Alice


Pony Trekking in the Forest of Dean

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Forest of Dean Pony Trekking

Treks from Severnwye Farm through the ancient Forest of Dean.

Horses and ponies available to suit all sizes and levels of riding ability.

Treks can also be accompanied by Llamas, who will carry a large picnic hamper.

Severnwye has a Riding Establishment Licence from the Forest of Dean District Council for 2016.

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