Pony Trek Options

We do 1 & 2 Hour Pony Treks for individuals and groups. Or we have the option of 4 to 5 Hour Pony Treks which include lunch.

See the Pony & Horse Trekking price list.

You should aim to get to us by 11am (unless other arrangements have been made) to join us for a welcoming cup of coffee or tea, followed by a short session telling you about the farm and getting you prepared for the day ahead.

You will then be introduced to the horses, ponies and if appropriate the donkeys. A lot of the pre trek work will depend on your previous experience. Then follows a session in the arena with an instructor who will help you to familiarise yourself with your chosen mount. Nothing will be hurried, you will have plenty time to get used to your companion for the day.

YOU WILL ALWAYS BE ACCOMPANIED BY AT LEAST ONE VERY EXPERIENCED QUALIFIED SEVERNWYE GUIDE. Please note that hats and high viz vests must be worn at all times on horseback.

We walk our mounts to the bottom of our drive and climb aboard. Then follows a gentle but short ride on a quiet country road, all at walking pace and in no time at all we are entering the Forest. The route will be determined by your lead guides who know the area having covered many miles training and exercising the horses.  

There is no set time for the trek it will be entirely down to the composition and wishes of the group with the added input of your guide. Do not expect to be jumping obstacles the aim is to enjoy a quiet ride through lovely surroundings. If you see a white stag there will be a bottle of bubbly on offer. There is indeed a white stag living in the Forest nearby. Birds are plentiful and if you are lucky you may spot a kingfisher near the lake. 

Trekking on horseback is a fabulous way to enjoy the countryside.  For the trek you should have footwear with a small heel, wellie boots are suitable as are hiking boots. Trainers are no go. We have a range of hats at no extra charge. Do not try to give your horse a treat when riding. Wait until you are dismounted.

The Equestrian Centre

At Severnwye Equestrian Centre we have all the facilities needed to make a great day out pony trekking.

Fully equipped tack room with all the riding kit needed to suit all ages. Undercover stables for getting ready, and a rest room for a tea or coffee after the trek.

There is a riding arena properly surfaced for riding lessons.

Forest of Dean Pony Trekking

Treks from Severnwye Farm through the ancient Forest of Dean.

Horses and ponies available to suit all sizes and levels of riding ability.

Treks can also be accompanied by Llamas, who will carry a large picnic hamper.

Severnwye has a Riding Establishment Licence from the Forest of Dean District Council.

Contact Us

Alastair & Moira Fraser
Severnwye Farm
Spout Hill
GL15 6AE

Tel: 01594 528482

Mob: 07929 372933



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